“Fierce Encounter: Wild Buffalo’s Battle with Lions Exposes Their Brutal Nature”


The great battle of buffalo and lion.

Buffalo and lion live on the same land and they have a grudge against each other.

When they saw their prey appear right in front of the lions, they did not hesitate even for a second, but fiercely attacked the large and strong buffalo herd.

Fierce lions surrounded the buffalo herd, one of them jumped on the buffalo’s back and swam all over the buffalo’s body, making the buffalo dizzy.

The eyes of lions show hunger and ambition as soon as they have delicious prey in the palm of their hand.

Not only that, the lion also used sharp and pointed claws to repeatedly scratch the buffalo, causing the buffalo to cry out in pain.

Although the buffalo tried to fight fiercely to be able to escape the fierce attack of the lions, the lions refused to stop.

The battle of the lion and the buffalo continued after a long time, the scene unfolding was dire and tragic.

Before the brutal attack of the lions, the buffalo had no chance to escape and had to accept defeat.



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