“Savage Nature: Warthogs Defend Their Lives in Thrilling Clash with Lions”


A lone lion may not be a concern to wild boars, but when it is a group, it is clear that wild boars can only find a way to escape.

Stephan Tungler, CEO of a German travel company, filmed a short clip of a lion hunt. The whole herd had just encountered a wild boar, but the first hunt was not successful, so the prey was allowed to escape into line.

Not giving up, the lions surrounded the cave entrance. The lions surprised witnesses when they decided to dig wide the cave entrance to prevent their prey from escaping.


The lions are very patient and hardworking, six in turn spend an hour digging before reaching the wild boar. This certainly surprised the wild boar because normally it is safe to go into a cave.

As soon as they reached the wild boar, the lions pulled their prey out of the cave and did not give it a chance to escape like the first time.

The result of the lions’ hard work is a full meal for the whole herd. The story takes place in a national park in northern Botswana.


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