“Predator Outwitted: Zebra’s Fatal Blow Stuns the Savanna”


The lion is always a successful animal in its hunt and it rarely admits to failure. Even if it attacks large animals such as buffalo, giraffe, hippo or even crocodile.

But a zebra proved it wasn’t weak by defeating a lion to survive and teaching the lion a valuable survival lesson.

The great video is posted on Youtube and has 17.5m views along with countless interesting comments from viewers on Youtube, let’s explore this fascinating battle with me.

A lioness has a tracking device on her neck and is stalking her prey in a national park in Africa. Its subject was a herd of zebras in the distance.

It began to accelerate and attack the herd of zebras, the chaos that ensued overshadowing the attack. After the dust settled, a zebra was captured.


The fierce battle at this time has just begun, the lion bites on the zebra’s neck, and the zebra uses its front legs to press on the lion. The lion seemed to have difficulty breathing and was trying to use his hind legs to free the zebra.

After a while of struggle, the lion was exhausted and let go of the zebra’s neck. Immediately the zebra counterattacked and as a result the lion got a lot of very strong kicks and face and was instantly stunned.

The zebra escaped successfully and was the pride of the herd having witnessed the whole thing.



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