“Hyenas’ underwater hunting ability becomes an unforgettable experience for curious tourists.”


Recently, on the YouTube channel Incredible Wild Animals Sighting Channel, a dramatic video was posted, capturing the moment a hyena decided to jump into the water to chase and catch an antelope. Although it is a terrestrial predator, in this video the hyena’s ability to chase prey underwater is truly amazing. However, the real drama began when after bringing the antelope to shore, two wild dogs invaded and were determined to steal the hyena’s prize.

Although the hyenas were chased away, the wild dogs were not discouraged. It seemed like a fierce battle between hyenas and wild dogs would begin. Because these are two terrifying predators in the natural world.

But surprisingly, the video ends with a hyena and a wild dog carrying the antelope carcass together without any heated confrontation, seemingly two predatory animals. This will enjoy the meal together.


Hyenas, whose English name is Hyenas, are relatively common carnivores in Africa, making an important contribution to helping balance the ecosystem here. The two front limbs are longer and stronger than the two hind limbs. Strong teeth, capable of tearing very tough meat. Hyenas are considered one of the greediest predators on land, able to kill large animals such as zebras, wildebeests, and buffalos. In addition, the ability to run fast also allows them to Cranes can chase even birds at close range. However, hyenas rarely hunt on their own, but mainly follow other predators such as lions, leopards… and steal their food.


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