“Zebra’s Tenacious Spirit: How It Overcame a Crocodile Attack”


This dramatic scene was recorded by tourists at Maasai Mara national park, Kenya.

In the clip, a herd of zebras are calmly drinking water on the riverbank without paying attention to the danger around them. A few seconds later, a large crocodile suddenly rushed forward and attacked the zebra herd. Due to not having time to escape, a zebra was bitten on the hind leg by a crocodile.

Immediately afterwards, the struggle took place extremely fiercely. The crocodile tries every way to drown its prey in the water, while the zebra uses all its strength to find a way to escape. The zebra even bit the crocodile back to escape but was unsuccessful.

Thinking that death was only a matter of time, at the decisive moment, the crocodile suddenly let go of its teeth and created conditions for the zebra to escape. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the zebra kicked hard and quickly ran to shore.


Witnessing the zebra narrowly escaping death, many tourists present at the scene were surprised.

Besides its huge size, it is considered the largest freshwater predator in the world, the Nile crocodile also terrifies people because of its sharp teeth and terrifying bite force. Any prey that appears in their sights is almost impossible to avoid death, humans are no exception. The victim will either drown in the water or be torn apart under the sharp teeth of the crocodiles.


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