“Screams of Sorrow: Hyenas’ Despair Amidst Terrifying Sounds”


Hyenas have always been the stealers of the century as they make a lot of food robberies from other species. This time the hyena wasn’t so lucky as it encountered unusual lions.

Spine chilling squeals and loud growls lead us to three lions feeding on a recently killed hyena. The Fourth male was feeding on impala carcass some 60 meters away.

It’s highly likely that the hyenas we feeding on impala when the lions ambushed and managed to kill one of them.


It’s very unusual that the lion will eat the hyena as they often just kill and leave the carcass for vultures and other hyenas.

When hyenas sense danger, they will immediately flee and save their lives, but this time the unfortunate hyena has no chance to run away and is quickly butchered.

Scary moment received more than 8.9m views on Youtube. The faint of heart should not watch this video.


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