“Hyena Meets Its Match: Mother Antelope’s Powerful Strike Ends the Encounter”


Herbivores are mostly gentle animals and rarely get angry even when they lose loved ones or friends.

Some herbivores are endowed with long, pointed horns by nature to increase their ability to fight when meeting enemies. Horned animals are often angry and attack their enemies.

A pair of antelopes have just taught a pack of hyenas a lesson when Hyena dare to attack their newborn cubs.

A pair of antelopes have just given birth successfully and welcomed a pair of lovely twin antelopes. Now is the best chance for the hyena and it decides to act alone.

The hyena rushes towards the newborn antelope and ignores other prey. But the hyenas were completely surprised by the ferocity of the antelope herd.


The hyenas begin to approach and attack the newborn antelope at the same time the mother antelope rushes into battle. The hyena tried to run away and then return several times to finish off the newborn antelope, but its tactics failed.

After receiving many painful blows from the antelope, the hyena had to retreat with many wounds on its body.

The video is recorded and proves the children’s love for animals.



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