“Python’s Foe: Kangaroo’s Courageous Fight to Save Friend from Swallowing”


Life is full of surprises and we cannot predict the future. Maybe today you can go with someone, but tomorrow that person is no more.

A sad similar situation happened to the kangaroo when his friend was being attacked by a python and he was the one who witnessed it all.

The video was recorded and posted on Youtube and is being watched by many people.

A large python is trying to get its lunch from a kangaroo as it tries to kill its prey. The size of the kangaroo is quite large and the animal is also trying to escape.

Another kangaroo arrived at the scene and tried to rescue its friend. Kangaroo repeatedly bit the python’s body and used his hind legs to stomp on the python’s body in the hope of saving its friend’s life before it was too late.


The actual sound comes from the animals’ cries, but the python doesn’t seem to mind the bystanders and is still continuing with its meal.

In the end, the kangaroo’s efforts were in vain when his friend had to die and make food for the python.

The video shows the kangaroo’s great friendship as it defies danger to save its friend in despair.


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