“Dark Days of Revenge: Hyenas’ Gruesome Assault on Lion Family for Cubs’ Demise”


The Wildlife Sightings channel on Youtube recently posted a video of lions hunting in a reserve in Africa.

Lions don’t usually eat hyenas, but the two will clash because they both like the same prey. This makes them competitors in the wild.

Lions are usually three to four times larger than hyenas and hunt larger prey. But a group of hyenas can work together to prevent lions from competing for prey, even attacking lions.

The lion in the video is said to be trying to attack a hyena loitering in the area. The whole herd of hyenas immediately rushed to intervene, chased the lions and had to flee to the lake.


Another lion on the shore also became the target of the hyenas and watched helplessly as the hyenas devoured their fellows in the river.

Wildlife Sightings said that the lion in the video is very lucky to still survive the “council” blow of the hyena.


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