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“Desperate Defense: Mother Antelope’s Sharp Horns Battle Baboons to Rescue Her Calf”


Baboons have a mainly plant-based diet, but sometimes they also turn into fearsome carnivores when hunting many other animals. With a top speed of up to 45 km/h, they can completely become great hunters. The fact that baboons hunt flamingos or chase leopards is not uncommon. In addition to speed, sharp teeth are also what makes baboons so scary.

A baboon was grazing with his pack when he developed a desire to eat meat when he saw an antelope mother and daughter grazing nearby. It pretends to find the roots of a tree and then moves closer to the baby antelope, the victim is still unaware of the baboon’s dark intentions.


When approaching close enough, the baboon sped up to capture the target and succeeded, but with great effort despite the danger, the mother antelope snatched the baby from the hand of death.


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