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“Wilderness Warfare: Wild Dog and Crocodile Lock Horns in a Swamp Battle for Survival”


Wild dogs are herd predators and their collective strength is terrifying. But in the territory of the crocodile, the crocodile is the strongest.

Incredible moment when wild dogs invade crocodile territory and get unexpected results.

Wild dogs are gathering to drink water in a shallow waterhole and have no idea what is going to happen. A crocodile is hiding in the water hole and waiting for its prey.

Wild dogs gather to drink water and scare away the crocodile’s favorite prey. That’s why the crocodile took action to take revenge and also drive the wild dogs out of its territory.


A quick attack and the crocodile caught a wild dog, the crocodile quickly dragged the wild dog into the middle of the water hole and drowned it.

The other wild dogs were terrified and did not have time to react to save their fellows.


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