“Lion Successfully Penetrates Pangolin’s Defense, but Faces Miserable Defeat”


The fierce wild world always rejects animals that do not know how to adapt to life. The prey also gradually evolve and become intelligent, there are many ways to escape from predators but defending and letting the enemy attack is the most difficult way.

The pangolin again does a good job of defending against large predators and it has added to its collection resounding victories, the lion is also the loser.

A video demonstrating the defensive power of a p angolin against a lion will leave you satisfied. Video posted on youtube shows a lion possessing a pangolin and trying to destroy its protection.


The pangolin in danger has curled up like a ball and has almost no weakness. A round ball with tough scales protecting the outside, the calm pangolin gives the lion a chance to strike.

The lion tried all ways to destroy the protection layer and used its sharp teeth to attack, but it completely failed.

A small pangolin has used defense to defeat a large lion and it has also achieved many remarkable achievements when defeating many other species such as hyenas, wild dogs ….


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