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Someone’s hungry! Extremely rare pure white monkey takes a bite of his sibling’s head before striking an adorable pose for the camera


An extremely rare and particularly cheeky baby white monkey has been spotted taking a very hefty bite of his sibling’s head in Japan.

The peculiar act, which was caught on camera at the Japanese Jigokudani Monkey Park, was even more unique with the tiny creature the first of its kind observed in the park’s 51-year history.

It’s believed the adorable primate was a white snow monkey—his specific colouring a practically unheard of occurrence.

The active little monkey put on an adventurous and strangely human-like performance during a visit to the park with his mother and sibling.

The energetic baby put comical facial displays as it jumped around within the park’s specially constructed ‘spa’ for wild animals living in the mountains of the Nagano Prefecture.


At one point he settled as he stood to cuddle up to his mother, and again as he clung upside down to hold onto her undercarriage.

The trio played among the luscious greenery, allowing lucky onlookers the opportunity to capture the momentous historic occasion on camera.

It’s believed that although the undeniably cute animal was pure white in colour, he wasn’t albino given his eyes were dark brown.

The rarity of his incredible white fur was clear with his stark contrast between his mother and sibling’s light brown colour.



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