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“Predator and Prey: Lion’s Unwavering Chase of Burrowing Wild Boar”


The Daily Mail on January 20 reported that the incident was recorded in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

At the beginning of the video, viewers only see the legs and tail of the lion when it is going down the cave and grabbing the African wild boar. The struggle took place in the pitiful cries of wild boars.

After struggling for a while, the lion slowly pulled the prey out of the ground, wrestled it down and held it with its legs before delivering a fatal bite to the neck. The wild boar struggled for a few seconds before straightening up.

Jameson Aradalen, a 21-year-old tourist from San Diego, California, USA, was the one who captured this dramatic moment.


“During my visit to Kruger National Park, South Africa, I had the unforgettable experience of witnessing one of the most fascinating wild predators.

The African wild boar seemed to have escaped while hiding in the cave, but the lion was not a medium size. With its strength, it dives and pulls its prey to the ground before finishing,” Aradalen shared.

Despite being quite ferocious and dangerous with 2 sharp fangs, the African wild boar could not escape the lion’s clutches in the end. In addition to the “king of the grasslands”, the predators that the wild boar must watch out for are the African rock python and the eagle.


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