Unyielding Defense: Courageous Topi Antelope Launches Fierce Attack on Hyena to Safeguard Cubs


A common animal in Africa, hyenas are an important part of most of its ecosystem. Possessing very strong jaws helps them become fearsome carnivores, able to kill large animals such as zebras, wildebeest, wild buffalo…

The sly hyenas have long been branded as cowards and scavengers. In fact, they are powerful predators, not only picking up carcasses, but also regularly hunting and killing prey within their range.

According to observations, 95% of the food of hyenas is hunted by them. They even kill and eat lion cubs, leopards and other predators when the herd is strong enough and large enough.


In the clip, when discovering a baby antelope just a few weeks old, the hyena immediately rushes to attack. Seeing that the young were bitten on the neck by the enemy and dragged away, the father antelope and the mother antelope used their sharp horns to ram the enemy in order to take back the baby antelope.

However, the hyena quickly dodged the attack of the antelope pair. Not only that, it also keeps its prey in check.

Due to the fatal bite, the baby antelope could not survive and became prey for the hyena. Witnessing this heartbreaking scene, the antelope pair did not dare to continue to risk their lives but turned and left.


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