“The Haunting Chase: Lion Dragged 100 Meters in Bone-Chilling Zebra Assault”


While wandering around grazing, a zebra was suddenly approached by a lion and attacked.

At the decisive moment, the lion jumped on the back of the zebra, bit the neck and pinned the prey to the ground with its claws. However, the zebra immediately countered by jumping to knock the lion to the ground.

When it didn’t work, the zebra immediately ran forward, dragging the lion that was clinging to its neck. In a panic, the zebra suddenly fell to the ground. Thought that the zebra would be killed by the lion, but it immediately got up and quickly ran away.


The zebra is a very special breed of horse that lives in the savannas and savannas of Africa. Unlike its brothers, the zebra has a black and white coat, arranged in stripes from head to toe.

This animal has a “secret weapon” that is a powerful rear kick, which can break the jaws of a predator if it foolishly stands within reach.


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