Life-Saving Charge: Mother Deer’s Heroic Attempt to Keep Her Fawn Alive


Herbivores often have to cross deadly rivers in search of new food sources, and these rivers are home to many sad memories.

A mother deer tries to sacrifice herself so her baby can survive in a touching video.

The mother and daughter deer were trying to cross a river and the little baby was in the sights of a giant crocodile. The crocodile quickly rushed to enjoy the meal.

Realizing a dangerous situation for her baby, the deer mother tried to run as fast as possible under the water and swam to get in the way of the crocodile.


The mother deer swam to the crocodile’s mouth and then stopped to watch her baby, it quickly offered its body to the crocodile in exchange for the life of its baby.

After escaping death, the baby deer stood for a long time on the shore to say goodbye to the wonderful mother who was suffering from the pain of the crocodile.


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