“Lethal Defense: Oryx Antelope’s Mighty Horns Prove Fatal for Lion in Savage Combat”


Lions are known to be one of the most feared predators. With their superior strength, they can kill many large animals such as antelopes, zebras and even elephants, buffalo, hippos… for food.

However, when faced with an antelope with a pair of long sword-like horns, the lion also succumbed to this extremely scary animal.

Specifically, the lions are still immature, they are maturing over time and need experience in hunting.

The lions discovered a herd of Oryx antelope, they gently approached and waited for the opportunity to rush to kill the prey.


Oryx antelope was very calm, it recognized the approaching danger. The two lions began to rush at lightning speed to attack the antelope.

Before the frenzied attack from the lion, the Oryx antelope calmly countered, it used its sharp horns to stab the lion.

In front of these terrifying horns, the lion had to give up its prey and leave, while the antelope still calmly walked around ignoring the two lions.



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