Defying Expectations: Zebra’s Unbelievable Conclusion to Showdown with Crocodiles


The battles for survival in the wild are all very tense and thrilling, but the most brutal and scary battles must be the ones with the presence of crocodiles.

The battles with crocodiles always bring fear to the viewers and also to the animals being hunted.

An unlucky zebra got lost in a battle with 2 crocodiles on a riverbank and the outcome of the fight is sure to surprise everyone.

The zebra is being captured by a crocodile and both sides are trying to move in two different directions. The crocodile wants to drag the zebra into the water and enjoy the meal. Zebras want to run away to the shore where there are young grass.


The crocodile tries to bite the zebra’s front leg and continues the game of tug of war. Zebras also do not give up and try to survive.

The zebra’s leg was badly wounded, and the zebra tried to rotate in many directions to have an advantage in the fight. After a period of intense fighting, the zebra won and escaped from the scary river.

Although the zebra’s wounds are quite severe, it can still move normally and can defeat many other enemies thanks to the experience gained from the battle with the crocodile.



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