Fight for Freedom: Baby Elephant’s Gritty Battle Against Crocodile Ends in Sorrow


The wild world is full of dangers, there are many moments of love and moments of pain.

Large elephants are rarely caught by crocodiles, but elephants are always subject to danger lurking at any time.

A family of elephants trying to cross a river without realizing it is being ambushed by crocodiles. A baby elephant was suddenly attacked.

The crocodile suddenly grabbed the baby elephant’s trunk and drowned it in the water, this is quite deep water so the mother elephant could not rescue her baby and the mother elephant’s attacks were completely meaningless.


After a long time of fighting, the baby elephant also gave up and accepted as food for the crocodile in the pain of the whole elephant family.

The video was posted on Youtube and is going viral, reaching more than 3m views and countless comments from the audience. Many spectators expressed their grief for the numbered crocodile elephant.


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