“A Symphony of Colors: Beautiful Birds Flock to Froggy Buffet”


These colorful birds have been targeting big frogs in the Kruger National Park and it has led to a buffet for beautiful birds all over.

Clyde McDougall and Ivan Kitchenbrand have captured two separate sightings of similar occurrences and shared them with

Kruger National Park is a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise, brimming with captivating sightings and incredible experiences. Recently, two separate incidents occurred, each involving a different species of roller enjoying a particular delicacy: frogs!

“I found myself cruising along the S42 gravel road, hoping to catch a glimpse of something special. Suddenly, my eyes were drawn to movement atop a branch. It was a Lilac-breasted Roller, flaunting its vibrant plumage of electric blue, purple, and orange.”

“To my amazement, it was triumphantly holding a wriggling frog in its beak! It was an unforgettable sight—a roller feasting on a frog! Who would have thought such a delicate bird could be such a skilled predator? The roller bashed the frog against the branch continuously until the frog’s movements came to a halt. It then proceeded to eat its hard-earned meal.”

The Lilac-breasted Roller is a stunning bird species that can be found in sub-Saharan Africa. People admire its beautiful feathers, which make it one of the most attractive birds globally. The bird’s vibrant colors come from the food it eats, primarily insects, small reptiles, and, as Clyde saw, frogs sometimes. During courtship, these rollers impress with their incredible flying abilities, performing aerial displays that involve diving and rolling in the air.


“As I drove down one of the many roads traversable in the Kruger National Park, my heart raced with anticipation. Suddenly, there it was—a European Roller in the middle of the road, its vivid blue feathers shimmering in the sunlight.”

“The European Roller snatched a frog from the ground and flew into the air. Then it dropped the frog to the ground, and I could hear a loud thud as the frog hit the tar. The roller started by stepping on the small frog, and when it thought the frog couldn’t move anymore, it picked it up and flew away.”

“Fingers crossed that it would not fly out of sight.” “I sat in anticipation. Luckily for me, the roller chose a branch on the roadside to finish its prize. Being able to film all of this action was truly a highlight for me.”

The European Roller is a migratory bird species that inhabits parts of Europe, North Africa, and western Asia. Unlike its African cousin, the European roller boasts a mesmerizing combination of bright blue and chestnut feathers. People know these rollers for their elegant flying and how they often sit on noticeable branches, which helps people find them easily. Similar to the Lilac-breasted Roller, the European Roller feeds on a variety of small animals, including insects, rodents, and frogs.


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