“The High Price of Bravery: The Lion’s Final Battle Ends in Tragedy”


The incident was recorded at Ngorongoro Crater National Park in Tanzania.

In the clip, a herd of wildebeest was wandering around looking for food in the meadow when suddenly caught the lion’s sight. After a few minutes of observing, it decided to charge forward.

Pursued by the hunter, the antelope herd immediately fled and scattered. However, instead of continuing to run away, one wildebeest in the herd decided to go back and confront the lion. Due to the weak attack and lack of decisiveness, wildebeest had to pay the price for its wrong decision.

Wildebeest, scientifically known as Connochaetes, is an animal that can only be found in Africa. These animals often live in large herds, in many cases they even pair with zebra herds to create a strong community, thereby reducing the risk of being hunted by predators.


Like many other herbivores, they often “play” prey in battles with other predators. The only dangerous weapon it possesses are the sharp horns on its head. However, they are not enough to deal with large carnivores like lions or leopards.

According to the statistics of zoologists, the success rate of survival from birth to adulthood of wildebeest is very low. It is estimated that only 1 in 6 wildebeest survive beyond the first year of life.



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