“When the Tables Turn: Hyenas Swipe Lions’ Victorious Hunt”


Sometimes, even the world’s greatest predators can lose their lunch, proving nothing is guaranteed in the wild.
These two lionesses had pounced on a porcupine and were getting ready for a meal when a pack of hyenas decided to join the fun.

As the footage shows graphic detail, the lionesses are in the process of subduing their prey when the invaders appear. The hedgehog can be seen flailing around frantically as one of the lions bites its neck to suffocate it, while the other begins to open its stomach while still alive.

But unfortunately for the lions, the leopard’s distressed cry attracted the attention of several hungry hyenas. At first, two hyenas appear, emitting a series of calls to warn the rest of the herd. Then, within minutes, more than a dozen of them outnumbered the lions.


While lions are often considered the king of beasts, a determined pack of hyenas can prove to be formidable opponents. When the herd closes, the lionesses have no choice but to run away, leaving behind their hard-earned kills.

The amazing encounter was captured by a group of hunters who witnessed the moment the lion caught a mare while initially hunting an Impala cub.

“This is probably my best sighting ever,” Callum Gowar, a ranger who witnessed the event told Latest Sightings. “Seeing a carnivore interacting with a predator is special enough, but it takes killing it to make it happen once in a lifetime.”


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