“Standoff in the Wild: Buffalo Family Faces 20 Hyenas to Safeguard Their Vulnerable Cubs”


During this hunting trip, the hyenas targeted a calf. To be able to defeat the prey, the whole herd of hyenas had to mobilize almost all of their strength when up to 20 members participated in this hunt.

However, when the hyenas arrayed themselves and rushed to attack, the adult buffalo herd immediately had a fierce response.

To protect the fledgling member against aggressive, bloodthirsty enemies, the buffalo herd gathered in a circle, directing their sharp horns outward to create a solid layer of protection. They always maintain this formation even though hyenas sometimes seek to harass and disrupt.


Finally, thanks to the collective strength, the buffalo herd was able to drive away the hyenas and successfully protect the young in the herd.

The African buffalo is one of the largest and most widespread herbivores in Africa. When hunted by predators, a pack will stick together and make it difficult for predators.

The cry of the calves will receive the attention of the mother buffalo and the whole herd. Adult buffaloes will herd calves into the central area and take turns fighting the enemy.


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