In the Face of Danger: Baby Bison’s Courageous Stand Forces the Wolf to Back Down.


In this video we can watch the bison cross the river to find new pastures because this place has no longer any grass for them to eat. When the camera turned to two bison crossing the river, the mother cow tried to cover her baby from being swept away by the current, but unfortunately the calf was dragged away by the fast current.

The calf flows along the current to an alluvial beach, it stands alone looking very scared and anxious waiting for its mother to come.

Unfortunately for this calf, suddenly appeared a wolf that was moving towards the calf. it rushed to attack but the calf also refused to stand still to let the wolf eat it also fought but because it was young, it only resisted weakly.


At this time, the mother bison saw her child being attacked by a predator, so she quickly ran to save her baby.

The baby bison saw his mother coming, he immediately attacked the soi dog, looking at the baby bison so strong that the wolf had to step back.


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