Nature’s Perfect Assassin: Black Panther Takes Dog by Surprise


A video of a Black Panther attacking a street dog has surfaced on the internet and it is pretty blood-curdling. Sudha Ramen of the Indian Forest Services tweeted the short clip of the incident that was captured on CCTV and went viral soon after the video found its way online.

In the clip, a black panther walked along a path that appears to be somewhere near a region. Moments after the panther went out of sight as seen in the video, a dog’s loud scream was heard as it was clear that the panther had attacked its prey.


Next, the panther picked up the dog and held him in his mouth, and was seen escaping from the area in the video.

Black Panther is rarely seen in wildlife videos and it was discovered in a dangerous situation when humans were slowly invading their territory.

The amazing video also received a lot of mourning comments for the dog and also a lot of shocked comments about the incident.


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