“In the Deep: Tiger’s Brave Dive to Hunt the Cunning Crocodile”


Tiger is a fearsome predator and they often appear in dense forests. The strength of tigers is comparable to that of large bears and stronger than lions.

However, the lion’s hunting footage is quite limited and there is very little on social networks. But that is enough for us to know the fear of tigers.

The latest and most fascinating footage captures the moment a tiger tries to approach and attack a crocodile lying in the sun by the river.

The tiger came out from the bushes and suddenly attacked the crocodile. The crocodile promptly realized the danger and ran out into the water.


The tiger followed the crocodile and an underwater fight quickly ensued. A fascinating fight and water splashing around, no one can witness the incident until it’s over.

The tiger turned and was sad because he had lost his prey, the crocodile was lucky to escape.

Video proves the strength of the tiger and saves a rare moment.


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