Unmatched Strength: Witness the Invincible Force of Brutal Komodo Dragons


The Komodo dragon is a very dangerous animal. They fight each other for all sorts of reasons. Of course, in the concept and instincts of wild animals, they will not surrender if they are still capable of winning the battle. So Komodo dragons are just as arrogant and rarely yield to others.

Even when a Komodo dragon confronts a large lion, it is fearless and still very extravagant and looks directly as if to provoke the opponent. Lions are extremely dangerous and brutal animals, but they still don’t count as a danger to Komodo dragons.

Not only that, but that Komodo dragon is also very strong and brave and actively rushes up to attack the lion. But the lion is also not a vegetarian, so naturally the Komodo’s provocation succeeds in making him angry and looking for a way to eliminate the opponent.


The Komodo dragon is very mighty, wants to master the battle. Although its limitations may be too obvious, it can still attack the enemy. The hard-bitten lion also wanted to protest, but the intense pain that hit made him frightened and panicked, the more he fought, the more he lost. The video has garnered over 200K views on


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