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“Nature’s Apex Predators: Black Panther Takes Down a Giant Python”


A terrifying video of a black panther dragging a giant anaconda out of water has gone viral on social media.

“Very rare record of a jaguar fighting an anaconda,” the video was recorded and posted on Youtube, gaining more than 6m views and many comments from viewers.

In the video, a black panther, also known as the jaguar, can be seen pulling an anaconda out of a shallow water body and eating python.

The python tried to run away but it was really difficult in a tense fight. It tried to attack but it was difficult for the python as the black panther was very smart and agile.


The python quickly fell prey to the black panther and another leopard. Black panthers are rarely seen in movies. This is probably the first recorded battle and people are very curious about this black panther.

The fight went extremely well and the result was for the black panther.


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