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Surprising Showdown: Male Lion Intervenes in the Brutal Fight Between Lioness and Python


In the clip, a lion cub has an encounter with an African rock python. With a curious nature, the young lion did not hesitate to attack this rock python.

Although the rock python repeatedly opened its mouth to threaten, the lion still refused to refuse the bull’s intention to attack. Before this challenge, the rock python immediately launched a counterattack, biting the opponent’s face.

At this time, the new lion cub realized the fearsome power of the enemy, it tried to struggle and struggle to escape from the rock python. It tries to use its foot to kick hard towards the opponent to be able to escape. However, all are useless.


Fortunately, two other lions quickly ran over, pulled the rock python out and rescued its fellow in a timely manner.

The rock python is the largest python species in Africa with a length of up to 6 meters and is among the largest python species in the world. They kill their prey by squeezing and can eat crocodiles.


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