Nature’s Savage Appetite: Eagle Triumphs Over Crocodile, Savoring the Victory in the Treetops


This eagle was hungry and decided to brave taking on a crocodile to get a meal. Who will win, the largest eagle in Africa or the crocodile?

Jessica Keeton witnessed this rare moment in nature and shared her images and story with

The martial eagle is one of Africa’s largest and most powerful raptors. With an impressive wingspan of up to 2.6 meters and weighing around 6 kilograms, these birds command respect. Their striking appearance, featuring dark plumage, a white belly, and a distinctive crest, makes them easily recognizable.

Being apex predators, they do not only hunt for food but also bully and scavenge from other raptors. They have been observed preying on a wide variety of animals. Their preferred prey includes small to medium-sized mammals, such as rabbits, hyraxes, and even monkeys.

Additionally, they have been known to target birds ranging from guinea fowl to flamingos. Reptiles like snakes and lizards also feature on their menu, and as Jessica Keeton discovered, they are capable of taking down baby crocodiles!

While observing a martial eagle, Jessica Keeton witnessed an astonishing scene. The eagle, perched on a branch overlooking a river, could be seen eating something. Upon further inspection, Jessica was able to identify the prey as a crocodile!


Newborn Nile crocodiles face tough odds when it comes to survival. Only a small percentage of hatchlings make it to adulthood. They are vulnerable to predators such as birds, large fish, and other crocodiles. Their small size and lack of protective skills make them easy targets.

After capturing their prey, martial eagles typically take it to a secluded feeding spot, such as a lofty tree branch or a hidden ledge. There, the eagle uses its sharp beak to tear apart its meal, consuming the flesh, bones, and even the tough skin of its prey. Any leftover remains are often discarded beneath the nest, attracting scavengers such as jackals and vultures.

While martial eagles are awe-inspiring creatures, they face numerous threats in their natural habitats. Loss of suitable nesting trees, habitat destruction, and pesticide poisoning are major concerns. It is vital that we understand the importance of preserving their environments to ensure the continued existence of these majestic raptors.


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