“Savage Symphony: The Pitiful Predation of African Wild Dogs on Warthogs”


The African wild dog has a unique patterned coat. The irregular pattern is colored with white, yellow, brown and black patches. Each pattern is unique to each individual, just as Giraffe’s pattern and human fingerprints are unique to each individual. The African wild dog has a slim, thin body and long, slender legs. They have distinctive large round ears and a long tail with a tuft of white fur at the end.

Their muzzle is black and they have a black line extending along the forehead. The African wild dog is about 1.5 meters long, with a head and tail about 30 to 40 centimeters long. He measures about 75 centimeters at the shoulder and weighs between 37 and 80 pounds.

During this hunting trip we captured a herd of African wild dogs trying to dig for prey in a cave.

Even though WRARTHOG got into his line, the wild dog still wouldn’t spare him. they take turns using their sharp claws to dig up the soil.

the wild dogs kept digging for hours, they had no intention to spare their prey, unfortunately for WRARTHOG they were reduced to the very end of the cave, WRARTHOG now had to risk its life to move forward. front.

Unfortunately for WARTHOG, a pack of wild dogs was already waiting on the ground, at this point the wild dogs pounced on their prey, WARTHOG couldn’t get too far from his line was caught in sharp claws. of wild dogs.

just like that the wild dogs had a full meal, it knew how much pain the prey was in.
The strong always oppress the weaker, the law of life has always been like that.


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