“The Consequences of Crossing Bounds: When the Cheetah’s Encounter with an Oryx Turned Fatal”


Antelope is a typical animal in the wild world with the largest number of species, they also possess fast running speed and fearsome horns to fend off enemies.

Each species of antelope will have its own unique pair of horns to demonstrate the strength of the males and fight against enemies, especially cheetah.

The cheetah is the most successful predator in the wild, however its size is somewhat smaller than that of some antelope species and it sometimes suffers painful defeats.


Oryx is a special type of antelope with long and straight horns, slightly curved back, and distinctive plumage that makes them easy to find in crowds.

An intense battle between Oryx and cheetah will show us the power of the horns, with luck the cheetah could have been killed by oryx.


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