“A Desperate Countdown: 200 Hyenas Closing in on the Lion’s Last Moments”


The lion is the king of predators, so it always lives in the envy and hatred of other animals. Wild dogs or hyenas always find a way to finish the lion.

Can a male lion survive the fight with 20 hyenas, the results are clearly shown in the video below.

A male lion is surrounded by 20 hyenas, the hyena clearly shows its evil intentions when it tries to attack and take down the lion. The lion alone is surrounded by hyenas, but the lion is not afraid.


The attack occurs and the lion tries to dodge the attacks of the hyena. The lion tries to target a hyena and attacks the weakest member of the hyena herd.

The weak hyena is quickly defeated by the male lion and the other hyenas also begin to fear and think about death.


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