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“The Battle for Supremacy: The Crocodile Defends Its Territory against the Giant Python’s Ambition”


Giant pythons and crocodiles always create the most intense battles in the wild. The battles that are balanced in both size and power will certainly be the best footage.

Pythons possess great strength and the ability to squeeze their prey with the strength of their entire body. Crocodiles also have strong teeth and thick skin.

One of the most intense fights was recorded, when a large python was wrapped around a crocodile and wanted to finish the crocodile quickly.


Crocodile did not agree to lose and also took a decisive bite. A direct bite to the head of the python caused it to be painful and unable to escape.

The two animals are tightly intertwined and cannot be separated, the more the python squeezes the crocodile, the more seriously the python’s head is injured.


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