Death’s Unseen Hand: Leading Buffalo’s Daily Routine Claims Lions’ Souls


“Lio” are the king of all animals and they have a certain pride with the highest position in the wild but “Lio” must always be wary of “Buff” because “Buff” is a stubborn animal and can kill “Lio”. die at any time.

“Buff” and “Lio” have a great feud created by nature when “Buff” meat is very nutritious and enough to provide food for a whole herd of “Lio”.

The “Buff” has amazing strength and terrifying horns, see how the “Buff” defeated the “Lio” amazingly below.


A male “Lio” ventures to hunt “Buff” and quickly receives a surprise attack from the “Buff” herd. Then the leading “Buff” is the bravest one to fight the “Lio”.

The “Lio” was quickly overwhelmed by the strength of the “Buff” and lost the battle unexpectedly. The leading “Buff” then does the easy job of finishing off the “Lio”.


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