“The Twilight of Jackals: Leopards Transform Scavengers into Wraithlike Entities While Hunting Birds”


Leopards have always been masters of hunting skills and all other predators have to succumb to the leopard’s intelligence.

A jackal had to die unjustly while happily hunting stupid birds by a hungry leopard nearby.

The double hunt is recorded and is spreading rapidly. The jackal is said to be hunting and waiting for the right time to catch the little birds.

The jackal has made many attacks and has not been able to get what it wants, the jackal does not know a leopard is waiting for an opportunity nearby.


The leopard wants a bigger meal, not the little birds. When the jackal made a chase for the birds and got close to the leopard’s position. The leopard immediately took action and caught the jackal in 3 seconds.

The jackal was quickly captured and could not understand why it had to die without having a full meal.



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