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Unearthed Nightmare: Enormous Python Reveals Shocking Ability to Consume Adult Hippos


It can kill and swallow large and strong animals such as deer, roe deer, leopards, even buffaloes, cows, hippos. The impressive images of this python species are that they often attack, fight, strangle and swallow even giant crocodiles, weighing several kilos.

Anaconda is a giant python species, the largest in the world, living in the Amazon basin (South America). Anaconda includes 4 species with 4 colors blue, yellow, black and white spots and Bolivian species. They live in water, in swamps, rivers and forests.


In the video, after squeezing the prey to death, the python proceeded to swallow the hippo

With flexible jaw muscles and good elasticity, Anacon pythons can completely swallow huge prey

Once it has swallowed the giant python prey Anaconda takes weeks or even months to digest, it is at this point very vulnerable that can be prey for other species.


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