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“Unbelievable Feat: Green Frog Conquers Snake in a Terrifying Challenge”


In your eyes: frog is a gentle and extremely cute animal. But perhaps you are wrong because the frog can swallow any animal it wants if it is really hungry.

A green frog has taken on a crazy challenge when it swallowed a sizable snake whole to the amazement of onlookers.

This challenge video was posted on Youtube and is going viral with more than 3m views and 11k likes.

The challenge begins: A snake is released into the glass feathers and then a green frog. At first, the green frog is quite indifferent to the snake and then it suddenly puts the snake’s tail in its mouth and performs the scary challenge.


The snake began to realize the danger and began to attack the frog, but that was not enough for the frog to give up. It continued to perform the challenge and slowly swallowed the snake into its stomach.

The snake also refused to give in, it tried to bite the frog’s mouth tightly and did not let the frog complete the challenge. But the frog with the help of two front legs completely defeated the snake and completed the challenge easily.


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