“The Prey’s Dilemma: Crocodile Ashore and Lion King Lock in a Life-and-Death Battle for Feeding Rights”


Lions are still known as arrogant and ferocious animals in the deep forest. But to compete with the lord of the swamp – the crocodile – is certainly not enough. Fortunately, that happens very rarely, because lions are usually active and hunt in groups. They live together in large herds of 15-40 animals including many adult males, lionesses and their cubs. The larger the flock, the stronger it is, and the greater the number of males, the more secure the cubs are.

During his outing, Mr. Vernon Cresswell was fortunate to witness firsthand the confrontation between the two most powerful forces in Africa.

Early that morning, when Vernon’s group arrived in the Buffelshoek area of Kruger National Park, they encountered the famous Talamati Pride lions. After that, the group of tourists had the opportunity to witness on the spot the ultimate hunting ability of the lion king. It didn’t take long for the elite army to hunt an antelope. Having eaten their fill, the lions left the remains of their meal in a dam about 100 meters away.

The scent left over from the lion’s meal alarmed a crocodile residing in the riverbed, making it excited and decided to crawl ashore in the hope of getting something to eat.


The presence of the crocodile made the lions more alert, so they came closer to see what the stranger was plotting.

There were about 5 lions surrounding the crocodile when it first crawled ashore. According to Mr. Cresswell’s observations, it seems that this group of lions intends to play with the stranger to test its reflexes and speed, so it just wanders around, playing around the animal.

The disdain of the lion group drove the crocodile mad. It roared furiously and threatened the nearby lions with its hideous jaws full of sharp teeth.

However, it seems that the crocodile has forgotten one thing that it can be invincible in swamps, ponds, but to fight on land is a different story.

Confronting it is a herd of lions, who can be considered the strongest on land, of course in their own yard they are not easily bullied.

The crocodile’s threat did not bring the expected results, but instead caused the lions to focus all their efforts on attacking the crocodile. At this time, the crocodile knew that he had “caused trouble” to the wrong person, so he frantically ran into the river and was lucky to keep his life.


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