“Ingenious Defense: Bison’s Statue-like Maneuvers Decimate 20 Lions”


Buffalo is a strong and extremely large animal, it is not afraid of lions at all. Because buffalo is simply the animal that kills lions the most in the wild.

Buffaloes have a herd behavior and they often run away with others, but in a solitary fight, wild buffaloes are extremely strong.

A large male wild buffalo gained notoriety throughout the reserve by defeating about 20 lions and returning safely.

The buffalo is surrounded by 20 lionesses and the fight is extremely attractive. The buffalo tried to knock the lions off its back and tried to gouge the lions in front of it.


Buffalo both defend and move to slow down the lion’s attack speed, then take advantage of the opportunity to attack.

After many hours of great fighting, the buffalo also won the victory of a lifetime.


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