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The Power of Compassion: Monkeys Set Aside Resentment to Rescue a Struggling Leopard!


A leopard was saved from drowning in a 25ft deep well in western India, thanks to a troop of inquisitive monkeys, who alerted locals to the predator’s plight.

The monkeys were spotted incessantly chattering and jumping on the edge of a well behind a temple in Sikar, Rajasthan, early last Monday.

Temple visitors were drawn to the well by the monkeys’ unusual behaviour, and found the leopard swimming at the bottom.

Forest officials were called to the scene, and embarked on a rescue mission using a ladder.

After several attempts the leopard was able to grip the ladder, and use it to climb out of the well.


Ranger Devendra Singh Rathore said: ‘We were informed about the incident at around 6am on the morning of 11 June. We immediately sent a team of rescue officials at the spot.

‘The rescue operation lasted for nearly an hour.

‘It is possible the leopard had fallen into the well at night while following prey. We were able to rescue the wild cat using a ladder.

‘As soon as it came out of the well it ran towards the jungle. It didn’t attack any villager or domestic animal in the village.’


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