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Carol Vorderman attacked by a monkey while isolating for I’m A Celeb South Africa


The 62-year-old TV star appeared in a video looking as glam as ever in a black dress with her hair curled.

Sporting a very glam look, Countdown star Carol revealed some details about a “monkey attack.”

She said: “I’m going to show you my journey to South Africa and how I spent my week in Isolation. This week included a “monkey attack”, hippo mating calls, lots of exercise, bikini try-ons and beautiful sunsets.

“I can’t wait to share it all with you and bring you along with me for this week before I went into camp Xx”

Carol has since started to share little snippets of the I’m A Celeb South Africa isolation huts they all stayed in, boasting incredible wildlife views and hot tubs.

Calling the experience “extraordinary,” Carol revealed: “A beautiful journey to our isolation in Kruger National Park. I saw zebras, giraffes, water buffalos, nyala (?), hippos and soo many other amazing animals, it was extraordinary.”

Carol’s update comes after it was revealed that she’ll join Helen Flanagan and Amir Khan as they’re forced to walk the plank and balance on huge red balls suspended some 840 m – 2,760 ft – in the air.


It’s the highest trial in the show’s 21 year history.

The death-defying challenges are just some of the horrifying moments that the all-star group will face.

An ITV source said: “If the celebrities think they learned some tricks of the trade in Australia, they are in for a shock.

“This series includes the highest ever trial of any series.

“If viewers think Australia’s Walk The Plank challenge off the 32-storey building is bad, producers this year had an entire national park to play with.

“Believe me, there were no holds barred.”

Other new twists include the use of a vuvuzela horn – South Africa’s national instrument – instead of a klaxon.

And the women in camp, also including Janice Dickinson and Fatima Whitbread, will face no privacy thanks to an open-air dunny entirely open to the elements – and prying eyes.

The series was filmed last summer in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, where the highest point is a hill called Khandzalive in the south-west near Berg-en-Dal.


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