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“Queensland woman wakes up in horror to an uninvited visitor to a giant albino python on her doorstep


A Gold Coast woman got the fright of her life when she went to walk out her front door and was greeted by a giant python.
The five-metre long albino Burmese python weighed around 80 kilograms and required a snake catcher’s expertise to remove.
Brisbane and Gold Coast snake catcher Tony Harrison said it was the biggest snake he had ever seen but described it as a “gentle giant”.

“Can I just say WOW!!! A huge albino Burmese python! How damn beautiful is this snake?! Its such a shame that they are illegal here in Australia,” Mr Harrison said on Facebook.


The exotic snakes are illegal in Australia and it is understood the snake may have escaped from an enclosure.
Mr Harrison shares most of his snake encounters on his Facebook page.

In December Mr Harrison was bitten by an eastern brown snake which struck him from underneath an air conditioning unit at a property at Pimpama.
The encounter was live streamed on social media.

Mr Harrison was hospitalised but recovered from the incident.


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