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Saving Monkey Baby Can’t Wait To Meet His New Parents.


The RSPCA was heartbroken to meet tiny baby TikTok when they were contacted to investigate a case where a monkey was being kept as a pet in Essex, England.

TikTok was evidently too young to be living independently in a birdcage and alone. Due to the fact that monkeys shouldn’t really be kept as pets, he wasn’t receiving the essential care he required.

“Primates are intelligent, sentient, and highly social animals with complex needs that simply cannot be met in a domestic environment,” stated Jack Taylor, an inspector with the RSPCA, in a press statement.

Fortunately, the RSPCA was able to secure a deal to take TikTok under their care. After looking for the ideal forever home, he was quickly adopted by Monkey World, a rescue where he can receive the full amount of care he need.

TikTok was picked up by Alison Cronin, the director of Monkey World, who was ecstatic to take him to his new home and meet his new family.

Little TikTok would now meet Clydie and Ronnie, who the rescue organization hoped would become his adopted parents. Clydie and Ronnie could relate to the plight of little TikTok because they had also been rescued from less than ideal circumstances. TikTok shouted out to his new mother as soon as he saw her and then leaped up onto her back. Clydie was overjoyed to be able to take care of her new son and began cooing over him right away.


“Clydie instantly adopted him as her own, carrying, grooming and protecting little TikTok,” Monkey World stated in a news release.

TikTok was discovered by the rescue to be about 0.2 pounds and perhaps 5 or 6 months old after being examined. He had sorely needed the attention that only parents could give, and he is now back in their care.

The adorable little family of three—made up of TikTok, Clydie, and Ronnie—is the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen.

TikTok and his new family are an excellent illustration of why monkeys should never be sold as pets, and the RSPCA and Monkey World are both making a lot of effort to try and put an end to that practice.

The story of Tiktok, according to Taylor, “exactly highlights why primates should not be available to the public and why they do not belong in people’s homes.” “This little child was taken from his family and sold as a novelty pet to a person who doesn’t know him and has no chance of being able to provide for his needs. This circumstance simply shouldn’t exist.

TikTok, thankfully, has the nicest new life ever, living with people who genuinely love him in a place where he will always be protected.


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