Touched by the lion’s love when trying to protect the antelope from the attack of other lions


ALONE and scared, a young Antelope is wandering on a journey to find its missing mother – and suddenly a lion is stalking it behind.

Most of us when watching this scene know in advance the fate of this antelope will be killed by the lion.
But a miracle happened that no one could have expected, what happens next, please scroll down to see more.

The lion is now moving to attack the antelope, but we don’t feel it’s fully intended to hunt.

We feel like it’s playing with this antelope.

When the lion caught the antelope he bit him on the back and the peacock came near the bush to drop him, the antelope didn’t run away but kept hanging around the lion.


This scene, each of us looking at, is touched by the lion’s action towards the antelope, watching them entwine together like mother and child.

When they were having fun together, suddenly another lion appeared to be trying to attack the other antelope.

It rushed forward to attack the antelope, but the lion rushed forward to prevent it from harming the antelope. it quickly swats up the little antelope without giving the other lion a chance to harm the antelope.

We were very moved by the lion’s action towards the little antelope.


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