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With great motherly love, the bird defies the danger to attack the snake to protect the safety of the cubs


This astounding sighting was filmed by Georgie Lawless in the Ngala Private Game Reserve. These birds desperately try everything in their power to defend their chicks from a snake.

Southern-masked Weavers are generally known for their incredible building skills when it comes to their beautifully-precise nests. Their nests are usually constructed on the edge of branches – making it absolutely incredible to see how strong these nests are! These stunning birds love to nest in thorny Acacias. This serves as a protection and defense mechanism. And of course, keeping predators from getting to their young.

However, in this case, thorns were no match for this predator. The snake seen in this rare sighting is a Boomslang – or directly translated – “Tree Snake”. This particular Boomsang is a male – where females are generally Grey to olive-brown, males are this bright-green.

The weavers desperately do everything in their power to harass this predator, trying to keep their chicks from becoming prey. But alas…Sadly they do not fully succeed. The boomslang manages to get into one of the nests, takes what he can, and eventually escapes within a split second.

The incredible thing whilst watching this remains – strength. The strength of the nests to actually withhold this entire commotion throughout. The strength of the Birds – to not give up for a mere moment and do everything they can possible – to protect their offspring. And lastly. The strength of this Boomslang – to be able to literally be dangling by a thread – its tail – whilst being harassed and attempting to feed simultaneously.

Nature really never ceases to amaze. It really does come down to eat or be eaten – but of course, when there is young involved, animals go the extra mile to show their worth as Nature’s Protectors.

A black mamba, the second most venomous snake in the world after the domestic taipan, has smelled food in the tall trees. It is a newly hatched nest and the mother bird is busy looking for food, so she has no home

The snake did not miss this opportunity and went straight to the nest of the young birds crying for their mother because of hunger, they did not know that there was a very scary danger that was silently approaching. But the snake also did not expect that behind him there was an enemy silently observing.


It is an owl (looks like a Eurasian eagle, scientific name is Bubo bubo). This is one of the largest birds in the owl family, fortunately for the venomous snake, when it was eating the young bird, the owl just stood and watched, not intending to take advantage of the opportunity to harm.

The horizontal striped venomous snake swimming underwater has encountered the adept predator in the sky, the eagle. The war from two separate dimensions is extremely brutal.

According to Nation Geographic, the sea krait is a snake with deadly venom. The nerve venom of the sea krait is very strong.

Therefore, most small animals in the sea rarely come close to this horizontal striped venomous snake. On the contrary, the danger to this snake comes from the sky.

Video captures the dramatic battle of eagles and sea scorpions off the coast of Malaysia.

Sea kraits spend most of their time in the water. But sometimes they still come to the surface to breathe. And that’s when danger often comes.

From above, the white-bellied eagle, known as the lord of the sky, was looking for food and soon it saw the snake.

Lightning-fast, the adept predator spreads its wings, plunges into the water, then uses the sharp claws from its strong legs to grip the snake’s head and soar.

The snake still did not give in. In midair, it fought back fiercely, trying to escape the eagle’s claws. It tightly wrapped the eagle’s legs, trying to spray venom at the opponent. Eagles sometimes had to release a leg because of the fierceness of snakes, however, spraying poison in the air is not an easy task for aquatic animals like snakes.

After fighting for a while, the snake still lost and became a meal for the eagle after returning to the nest.


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