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Shocking moment two spider monkeys grab girl by the hair through the bars after she repeatedly hit their enclosure at Mexican zoo


This is the horrifying moment a young girl was grabbed by the hair by two spider monkeys after she kept hitting their enclosure at a Mexican zoo.

Cellphone video showed showed the monkeys reaching through the chain link fence of the enclosure and pulling the child towards them as she screamed.

Thankfully the young girl was able to free herself and did not seem harmed.

The incident began when the girl held her cellphone on one hand and attempted to record herself hitting the side of cage where one of the monkeys was clinging to.


Subsequently, the primate extended its left arm through the fence and grabbed a chunk of hair while the girl’s friends laughed and yelled.

After 13 seconds, a boy stepped forward and pulled the girl away from the monkey and swung a towel at the animal in an attempt to get it to move away.

The viral footage then showed the girl walking around another fence, towards what appears to be the exit, when the same monkey followed her and grabbed the back of her hair.

A second monkey then reached through the fence and grabbed the girl’s hair, too.

She managed to set herself free from the monkey before the footage ended.


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