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The Thai people were shocked when the army of hungry monkeys left the forest in the village to sweep away all the food in the village


Groups of long-tailed macaques from 100-200 walking along the roads have become a familiar sight for people in the two villages of Moo 1 and Moo 11, Rasi Salai district every day. But they are not as gentle as one might see.

Breaking into people’s houses, rummaging through furniture in search of food, these monkeys, when being chased away or prevented by closing windows and main doors, still find a way in by… unloading. tile roof or go through the chimney!

People’s crops are constantly being destroyed, and temples – where free food are distributed, become the “base” of this long-tailed creature.

Mr. Thonglor Jaemsri, head of Moo 11 village, said monkeys have lived in this area since before humans came to colonize, but in very small numbers. Their main food is wild fruit and other natural sources.

However, according to Mr. Thonglor, for some reason, the number of monkeys has increased rapidly recently, with more than 3,000 monkeys belonging to many different herds.

Ms. Suwan Thaptim, 70, said monkeys often come down to the village in herds of 100 to 200. Most of them live in the forest, but when they started to attack the temple and get free food, some herds “migrated” from the forest to the temple.

Monks at Wat Ban Muang Khaem share food offerings with the monkeys, but it’s never enough, with more and more hungry bellies coming.

Samnak Pupaboon, a representative of the local government, said he had allocated a budget of 35,000 baht to buy food for the monkeys, and hearty fruit parties were also held but still could not prevent them from flooding into people’s houses.

People who just carelessly do not close the window will have to clean up the piles of food left behind by the monkeys. Many people had to cry to God because “things that are not food in the eyes of the qi” were destroyed, lying on the floor; The refrigerator is open, the food inside is gone.

Not only stealing food from people, the monkeys also robbed food from other animals, leading to “arguments”, even “fights” right on the roof, causing many houses to be damaged.

Surprisingly, although the monkeys were very annoying, people did not hurt them, according to the Bangkok Post. On the contrary, they also want to preserve monkeys, turn villages into tourist attractions.

But first, they want to have measures to control the size of the monkey population so that they can live peacefully with them.


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