Suddenly attacked by leopards, the antelope used all its strength to knock down the leopard, but luck still did not smile at it


During this hunting trip, the leopard chose the impala as its prey. This is considered a difficult target to eat because the antelope has a large size plus sharp horns, if it is careless it can completely get injured.

After a few minutes standing on the observation tree, the leopard waits for the impala to move to a suitable position and then swoops down to pounce on its prey.

Being attacked by surprise, the antelope immediately reacted, making it difficult for the leopard to take down its prey. However, thanks to its expert hunting experience, the leopard can still defeat this difficult prey.


Leopards (Panthera pardus) are large cats distributed in sub-Saharan Africa, northeastern Africa, Central Asia, India and China. This animal is very active at night. They hunt alone, their prey mainly includes antelope, primates, deer, wild boar…

Leopards climb very well. They use this ability to hunt, hide prey and hide from enemies.


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